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Feb 05

Week 16 Preview

The trade deadline is less than three weeks away and managers should start looking for ways to free up a roster spot. It’s always a good idea to have an open roster spot for streaming purposes, but it becomes even more essential around the trade deadline. It’s extremely likely that multiple top-100 players emerge due …

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Dec 04

Week 7 Preview

We’re about a third of the way through the fantasy regular season and we’re seeing plenty of players’ numbers normalize. Players like Kyle Lowry, Nikola Vucevic, and Eric Bledsoe are once again looking like early-round assets after getting off to slow starts. This underscores the importance of not panicking and selling low on proven fantasy …

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Nov 21

Buy Low/Sell High Targets and a Preview of Week 5

The hallmark of a poor fantasy owner is impatience. Too often managers overreact to slow starts and sell underachieving players low. Don’t be one of those managers. In fact, do the opposite. Trading for underachieving early-round picks can win you your league. When deciding which players to target, looking at their per minute numbers is …

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Oct 27

Players To Watch In Week 1

The first few weeks of the season are some of the most important weeks of the campaign for fantasy managers. Wins and losses don’t count anymore than they do later in the season, but the waiver wire is always a goldmine in November. If you are new to fantasy basketball, I strongly recommend paying quite …

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Oct 08

Punting Guides Part 4: Punt Points and Punt Points/FT%

If you’re interested in punting points, as soon as you’re done reading this guide, start mocking. This one is going to take some practice. The punt points build is, without question, the most difficult strategy to successfully pull off. Fortunately, it also has arguably the highest ceiling of any punting strategy. No punting strategy changes …

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Oct 03

Punting Guides Part 2: Punt FT%

If you asked the average fantasy player to name a punting strategy, almost all would answer punt FT%. Fantasy basketball’s most famous strategy is effective as ever, with loads of talented young big men available early in the draft to pair with the first-round guards. Big men generally get a boost in this build, but …

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Sep 25

Sleepers/Undervalued Players: Part 2

Here is part 2 of Elite Fantasy Basketball’s 2015-2016 Sleepers/Undervalued Players list. Below are players that fit the traditional definition of a “sleeper”. All are currently being drafted outside of the top 100 or not at all. Some are familiar faces, while others are exciting young players about to play major minutes for the first time …

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Jul 23

Free-Agent Roundup – Central Division

Cleveland Cavaliers  I haven’t read their financials, but Quicken Loans must be doing pretty well these days. Dan Gilbert has already shelled out over $200 million in contracts and that’s not even including the $80-90 million that Tristan Thompson is about to receive. From a basketball standpoint, the Cavs couldn’t be positioned any better. They …

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Nov 17

Week 3: Wednesday/Thursday Recap

Thursday night had a pair of crazy games that produced some of the best fantasy lines of the year. Wednesday was almost as good with a few massive lines from some relative unknowns. Let’s take a look at all that went down over the last two days. – Arron Afflalo had a career game on …

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