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Feb 12

Week 17 Preview

We’ve made it to the most unique week of the season. Your strategy this week will depend on whether Week 17 lasts one or two weeks. If you play in a league where Week 17 last two weeks, then treat it like any other week. If you play in a league where Week 17 only …

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Feb 05

Week 16 Preview

The trade deadline is less than three weeks away and managers should start looking for ways to free up a roster spot. It’s always a good idea to have an open roster spot for streaming purposes, but it becomes even more essential around the trade deadline. It’s extremely likely that multiple top-100 players emerge due …

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Sep 26

16/17 Punting Guides Part 1: Punt Assists

All punting strategies can be pulled off effectively if managers put enough time and thought into them. But there is one strategy that stands above the rest. Punt assists. It is a high-floor, high-ceiling strategy. Punt assists is relatively straight forward, but don’t mistake simplicity for lack of effectiveness. The punt assists build takes advantage …

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Sep 16

September Rankings: 76-100

76) Dwight Howard (PF/C) – Howard is replacing Al Horford and remains a mid-round option for those punting FT%. The move to Atlanta should be accompanied by usage boost and that should lead to an increase in his shot attempts and scoring (13.7 PPG). Despite having his worst season since his rookie year, Howard was …

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Oct 06

Punting Guides Part 3: Punt Assists

Punt FT% is the most famous punting strategy, but punt assists is arguably the most reliable and straight forward team building approach. Do not mistake its relative simplicity for lack of effectiveness. Due to the average fantasy player’s undying love for dimes, the punt assists build allows managers to obtain value elsewhere while their opponents …

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Oct 18

October Rankings Update

I’ve made a bunch of adjustments to the rankings after watching training camp and the first half of preseason. Most of the changes I have made are minor but I did move a handful of players up or down a couple rounds. The “Top 150” tab as well as the position rankings tabs have been …

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Oct 07

Punting Guides Part 1: Punt Assists

Thank you for your patience with the punting guides. They are the most time consuming articles that I post as I try to mock multiple times with each first-round pick to make sure that the strategy is sound for each first-round target. All of the punting guides should be up on the site over the …

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Nov 14

Week 3: Monday/Tuesday Recap

Week 3 is underway and while rotations are starting to stabilize, there are still plenty of quality options on the wire. Be aggressive on the wire and the trade front. Struggling stars will start to rebound soon and the buy-low window will close quickly once they do. Monday and Tuesday only had 13 games in …

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