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Sep 12

17/18 Sleepers/Undervalued Players: Part 2

Below are players that better fit the traditional definition of a “sleeper”. All are currently being drafted outside of the top-135 or not at all. Some are familiar faces, while others are exciting young players about to play major minutes for the first time in their careers. When the final rounds of your draft begin, your …

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Sep 08

17/18 September Rankings: 76-100

76) Lonzo Ball (PG) – Ball’s rookie season is probably going to be a circus. Luke Walton wasn’t afraid to bench D’Angelo Russell and you can guess what’s going to happen if he does the same to Ball. The off-court stuff could be messy, but the on-court stuff shouldn’t be. Ball has great vision and great …

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Dec 04

Week 7 Preview

We’re about a third of the way through the fantasy regular season and we’re seeing plenty of players’ numbers normalize. Players like Kyle Lowry, Nikola Vucevic, and Eric Bledsoe are once again looking like early-round assets after getting off to slow starts. This underscores the importance of not panicking and selling low on proven fantasy …

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Oct 16

Yahoo Ranking Update Analysis

Yahoo updated their rankings for the first time in over a month this week. These rankings are significantly better than they used to be but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find value now. We just need to look a little harder. I know many of you have drafts coming up this weekend so I …

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Oct 10

Punting Guides Part 4: Punt Points and Punt Points/FT%

Punting points is arguably the most difficult punting strategy to pull off. Punting points is not for beginners. If this is your first year playing fantasy basketball and you’re interested in a punting, I recommend choosing a different build. If not done correctly, punting points can put you in a huge hole to start the …

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Oct 08

Punting Guides Part 2: Punt FT%

Punt FT% is probably the most popular punt strategy and for good reason. Punt FT% allows you to chase those rare blocks and grab elite FG% impact without having to close your eyes every time your big man goes to the line. The best anchor for this strategy is not Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, or …

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Feb 07

Updated H2H Playoff Schedule Primer

The fantasy playoffs are only five weeks away and your league’s trade deadline is likely coming up. It’s now time to start making moves to improve you odds of bringing home that ring. When it comes to the fantasy basketball playoffs, it’s not always about who has the best team. It may not seem fair, …

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Nov 17

Week 3: Wednesday/Thursday Recap

Thursday night had a pair of crazy games that produced some of the best fantasy lines of the year. Wednesday was almost as good with a few massive lines from some relative unknowns. Let’s take a look at all that went down over the last two days. – Arron Afflalo had a career game on …

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Oct 16

Team Building Part 7: Punt Points

Punting points will get you laughed out of your draft room. I would know. Every time I mock punt points the general reaction is my team is the fantasy equivalent of the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats. Those laughing could not be more wrong. Punting points can create an absolute monster of a fantasy basketball team. It …

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