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Feb 12

Week 17 Preview

We’ve made it to the most unique week of the season. Your strategy this week will depend on whether Week 17 lasts one or two weeks. If you play in a league where Week 17 last two weeks, then treat it like any other week. If you play in a league where Week 17 only …

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Nov 06

Week 3 Preview

Week 3 will likely feature the return of some very useful fantasy players. If Chandler Parsons, Gary Harris, Darren Collison, and Danny Green are somehow available in your league, please stop reading right now and go pick them up. It’s still too early to panic on established players but owners should be re-evaluating many of …

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Oct 06

16/17 Punting Guides Part 5: Punt Points and Punt Points/FT%

If you’re interested in punting points, and you should be, as soon as you’re done reading this guide, start mocking. This one is going to take some practice. The punt points build is, without question, the most difficult strategy to successfully pull off. Fortunately, it also has the highest ceiling of any punting strategy. No …

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Jul 21

Free-Agent Roundup – Atlantic Division

Well, that was fun. Despite no truly elite player being up for grabs, free agency did not disappoint. Who would have thought that LaMarcus Aldridge leaving the Blazers for the Spurs would be overshadowed by a Twitter emoticon war that was followed by a 26-year-old multi-millionaire being babysat by other multi-millionaires. Now that the dust …

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Oct 16

Yahoo Ranking Update Analysis

Yahoo updated their rankings for the first time in over a month this week. These rankings are significantly better than they used to be but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find value now. We just need to look a little harder. I know many of you have drafts coming up this weekend so I …

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Oct 15

Punting Guides Part 6: Punt Threes

Punting threes is one of the more straightforward builds. Big men get a boost and most guards and wings are downgraded. Don’t mistake the simplicity for ineffectiveness. Many of the top three-point shooters contribute little outside of points and threes (Klay Thompson, Wes Matthews, Ryan Anderson, etc.) so while your opponents will be spending at …

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Oct 10

Punting Guides Part 4: Punt Points and Punt Points/FT%

Punting points is arguably the most difficult punting strategy to pull off. Punting points is not for beginners. If this is your first year playing fantasy basketball and you’re interested in a punting, I recommend choosing a different build. If not done correctly, punting points can put you in a huge hole to start the …

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Oct 08

Punting Guides Part 2: Punt FT%

Punt FT% is probably the most popular punt strategy and for good reason. Punt FT% allows you to chase those rare blocks and grab elite FG% impact without having to close your eyes every time your big man goes to the line. The best anchor for this strategy is not Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, or …

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Oct 07

Punting Guides Part 1: Punt Assists

Thank you for your patience with the punting guides. They are the most time consuming articles that I post as I try to mock multiple times with each first-round pick to make sure that the strategy is sound for each first-round target. All of the punting guides should be up on the site over the …

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