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Punt Rebounds

I do not recommend punting rebounds. That’s probably not the best line to start this guide with since I do want you to continue reading, but I can’t in good conscience recommend punting rebounds. Not only is punting rebounds the most difficult punting strategy to pull off, but it also has the least upside of any of the punting strategies. If you are going small in the first round, there’s no reason to choose this strategy over punting blocks, punting FG%, punting turnovers, or creating a balanced team. This guide is for those looking for a challenge or who want to get creative with their team.

Punting rebounds boosts the values of point guards and wings and downgrades most big men. This is troublesome as rebounds is the only big man category that we want to ignore. A team built with this strategy will naturally be strong in threes, assists, steals, FT% and be decent in points. Being strong in four categories and solid in one isn’t good enough. When punting rebounds you still want to be competitive in blocks, FG%, and turnovers. To get those elusive blocks there are a select number of big men that you need to target. I find going after one of the league leaders in blocks to be the best strategy. All of them are decent rebounders, but grabbing one of them allows us to forget about blocks for most of the draft. In addition to grabbing one of the top blockers, we want to focus on out of position blocks. There won’t be many big men on a punt rebounds team so blocks from a guard or wing spot are essential. To be competitive in FG%, you want to stay away from guards like Kemba Walker or Brandon Jennings who tank your FG%. Plenty of guards get a boost with this strategy so there’s no need to grab one who will lose you FG% every week.

Note: Yahoo Fantasy Basketball’s ranking is in parentheses. The round that I have listed each player in is the round that I would target them in.

R2) Serge Ibaka (17) – Loses value in this build but a top 5 FG% anchor and those blocks (3.0) make the rest of the draft much easier.

R2) Dwyane Wade (21) – Only 0.8 BPG last season but averaged 1.3 BPG in 2011-2012. Elite FG% impact (52% on 15.8 FGA).

R2) Nicolas Batum (18) – FG% (42%) should rebound now that his wrist is healthy. Averaged 1.1 BPG last season.

R3) Mike Conley (27) – Doesn’t block shots and FG% (44%) is average for a point guard but returned first round value without rebounds last season.

R3) Ty Lawson (33) – Very good FG% for a guard (career 49% FG%) and should be better than last season with Iggy in Oakland.

R3) Tony Parker (34) – Elite FG% (52%), very good points (20.2), and finished with first round value in this build last season.

R3) Chris Bosh (31) – All of a sudden a poor rebounder (6.8) but blocks went up last season (1.4) and his FG% is elite (54%). Perfect big man for this build.

R3) Brook Lopez (32) – Top notch blocks (2.1), great FG% (52%), and below average rebounds (6.9).

R4) Eric Bledsoe (46) – Out of position blocks (1.3 blocks per 36 minutes last season) and will be among the league leaders in steals (2.5 steals per 36 minutes last season). FG% may be an issue with his increased role.

R4) Roy Hibbert (47) – Last chance to grab truly elite blocks (2.6) without having to take a FT% hit. Solid, but unspectacular rebounder (8.3).

R5) Jeff Teague (55) – Shot 45% from the field last season and 48% the season before. Finished 21st overall without rebounds last season.

R5) Jonas Valanciunas (73) – His dominant rebounding in Europe didn’t transfer over as well as predicted (only 9.0 rebounds per 36 minutes last season) and he’s a great FG% anchor (56%) who could flirt with 2.0 BPG.

R5) Jose Calderon (56) – Very good FG% for a point guard (career 48% FG%) and rarely turns the balls over (2.1).

R5) Ryan Anderson (58) – Doesn’t rebound much (6.4) and is elite in threes (2.6) and turnovers (1.2).

R6) George Hill (59) – As good as it gets when it comes to turnovers (1.5). Very good threes (1.7) as well.

R6) Amir Johnson (74) – Very good FG% (55%), useful blocks (1.4), and only a middle-of-the-road rebounder (7.5).

R6) Jeff Green (64) – Does a little bit of everything including block shots (1.1 over the final two months of the season). Last season, after the All-Star break, he posted top 35 value in this build.

R7) Jeremy Lin (76) – Good source of assists (6.1) and steals (1.6) if you missed out earlier. Not many assists available after this point.

R8) Wilson Chandler (105) – Averaged 1.3 BPG the last time he started and was fully healthy (2010-2011). Should play big minutes with Gallo still recovering from an ACL tear.

R9) Tiago Splitter (109) – Great FG% (56%) but low points (10.3) and low blocks (0.8).

R9) Danny Green (97) – Draft him for threes (2.2) but he’s also a sneaky source of blocks from the SG position (0.7).

R10) Robin Lopez (115) – High FG% (53%) and blocks (1.6) but like his brother, not much of a rebounder (5.6).

R10) Victor Oladipo (133) – Shot a ridiculous 60% from the field in his final year at Indiana. Obviously won’t touch that number in the pros, but 48% FG% and 1.5 steals is very doable.

R11) Matt Barnes (165) – Solid across the board production included 0.8 BPG last season. Coming off a top 80 finish without rebounds.

R12) Brandan Wright (197) – Over the final month of the season averaged 1.6 BPG, 0.7 TOPG, 63% FG% in only 23 MPG.

R12) Nick Young (213) – A good option if you need points late. Won’t do much outside of score and hit threes but could break 15 PPG.

R13) Greg Stiemsma (208) – Does nothing but block shots but a good desperation option at the end of the draft. 1.2 BPG in 16 MPG last season and 1.5 BPG in only 14 MPG in 2011-2012.

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