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Punt FG%

Yesterday we focused on a punting strategy that upgrades most big men. Today, we look at a strategy that does the opposite and boosts the value of guards; Punt FG%. If your first-round pick is Paul George or Kevin Love this strategy is for you. This strategy will also be effective for those reaching for Derrick Rose or Carmelo Anthony in the first. I don’t think either player will provide good value if picked in the first round but they do fit this strategy well. While low FG% guards are the obvious targets, you need to focus on rebounds and blocks as most of the low FG% players don’t provide these stats. Because of this, I prefer to go with a big man who blocks shots in the second round. Plenty of low FG% point guards are available in the middle rounds so there’s no need to grab one of the PGs going in the second round. Wall, Williams, and Rubio all fit the strategy well but I’d rather have a PG like Walker or Jennings in the 4th and a 2nd round big man than Wall or Rubio and a mid-round big man. Below is a round-by-round breakdown of possible targets for a punt FG% build. The round that I have listed each player in is the round that I would target them in.

Note: Yahoo Fantasy Basketball’s ranking is in parentheses.

R2) Anthony Davis (16) – FG% was solid last season (51%) but still a good fit for punt FG% due to the blocks (1.8), rebounds (8.2) and solid FT% (75%). His defensive stats should be even more impressive this year.

R2) LaMarcus Aldridge (12) – A good target if you’re picking around the turn. FG% was pedestrian last year (48%), but put up 9.1 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 2012-2013.

R3) Russell Westbrook (35) – Out for at least a month but he should provide first-round value without FG% (44%).

R3) Ricky Rubio (21) – I’d rather have a big man in the second but if falls to the third, scoop him up. Threes should continue to go up (0.9 threes over the last month of the season) and obviously a great source of assists and steals.

R3) Mike Conley (28) – He fits well into most team builds due to his steals (2.2) and assists (6.1) but his main weakness (44% FG) is masked in this build.

R3) Rudy Gay (27) – FG% fell to 41% last season. Good contributions in all categories except assists.

R4) Kemba Walker (39) – Should be your main target in this round. Great steals (1.9) and very good points (17.7), threes (1.3) and assists (5.7).

R4) Monta Ellis (40) – Always a solid pick for this strategy (41% from the field last season). Has a good shot at leading the Mavs in scoring.

R4) Eric Bledsoe (46) – He’ll likely be the best source of defensive stats at PG and SG. Offensive limitations (44% from the floor) are less of drag in this build.

R4) Josh Smith (38) – Really need to be conscious of the FT% of your other picks if you grab Smith (51% from the line last year). Great target if you didn’t get blocks early (1.8 last season).

R4) Roy Hibbert (47) – Couldn’t finish around the rim last year which lead to a career low 45% from the field. Another player to target if you didn’t get blocks in the second.

R4) Brandon Jennings (41) – Numbers should be similar to what he put up in Milwaukee. Actually put up top 20 numbers with his low FG% (42%) included in 2011-2012.

R5) Ryan Anderson (58) – Those threes (2.6) are even nicer when you don’t have to worry about his FG% (43%).

R6) Kyle Lowry (65) – Disappointing year last year but even his prior year numbers were top 40 worthy without FG% (40%).

R7) JR Smith (83) – Finished 31st last season without FG% (42%). Good source of points (18.1), threes (1.9), and rebounds (5.3). Only downside is his mediocre FT% (76% last season which was his best performance since 2006-2007).

R8) Spencer Hawes (120) – Below average FG% (46%) for a big. Good late source of blocks (1.7) and rebounds (7.2). Only played 27 MPG last year. Minutes and role will increase with the Sixers now gutted.

R9) Jameer Nelson (88) – Finished 66th overall last season despite being terrible from the field (39%). Another good target for assists and threes if you missed out earlier. Oladipo will pay the majority of his minutes at SG.

R10) Andrew Bogut (104) – 1.7 blocks and 7.7 rebounds in only 24 MPG last season. Poor FT% (50%) but low attempts (1.2).

R11) Mario Chalmers (140) – Threes (1.8) and steals (1.5) specialist should post top 100 value without FG% (43%).

R12) Markieff Morris (194) – Awful FG% for a big (41%) but a potential member of the 1/1/1 club this season. Over the last month of the season, in 27.6 minutes, he averaged 1 three, 1.4 steals and 1.3 blocks.

R13) Nick Young (213) – Should get huge minute as he’s replacing World Peace. Metta averaged 5.5 3PA last season. Young is a better shooter and should get at least that many attempts.


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