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Punt Points and Punt Points/FT%

Punting points is arguably the most difficult punting strategy to pull off. Punting points is not for beginners. If this is your first year playing fantasy basketball and you’re interested in a punting, I recommend choosing a different build. If not done correctly, punting points can put you in a huge hole to start the year. The first six rounds of the draft are incredibly important when punting points. It’s essential to be strong in both percentages as very few players who are either strong in both percentages or strong in one without hurting you in the other are available after the first half of the draft. I recommend grabbing three point guards within your first six picks as the assists and FT% impact that you’ll need for this build won’t be available late. Grabbing the point guards is the easy part. The tough part is finding big men who will provide you with solid FG% impact, rebounding, and blocks without hurting you from the line. Because it’s so difficult to find bigs with clean lines after the first couple rounds, I actually prefer punting FT% in addition to punting points over just punting points. Punting two categories opens up so many more big man options. Andre Drummond goes from almost untouchable in a straight points punt, to possibly the number one overall player in the double-punt. Besides Drummond, who will likely be available in the second in most drafts, your best first-round bets for this build are Chris Paul and Anthony Davis. Paul gives you the assists, FT% impact, and steals that you will be need for this build. Davis gives you out-of-position steals, solid FG%, and of course elite blocks.

The below guide is for both punt points and punt points/FT%. The players in italics are the players that you’ll only want to target if you are going for the double-punt.

Note: The round that I recommend taking each player is based off of Yahoo Fantasy Basketball’s rankings and where I think each player will or could be available in a standard 12-team draft. All punting guides are for standard, 9-category leagues. 

Categories to target: FG%, FT% (if only punting points,) REB, AST, STL, BLK

Round 1 Targets: Anthony Davis, Chris Paul

R2) Andre Drummond – Top-3 in 2013-2014 without both points and FT%. I expect Drummond to finish first in this build this coming season. Not only does he provide outstanding big man stats (13.2 RPG, 1.6 BPG, 62.3 FG%), but he’s also a very good source of out-of-position steals (1.2 SPG).

R2) Serge Ibaka – Ibaka finished in the top-5 last season without points. Those beastly blocks (2.7 BPG) and FG% (53.6%) allow you to aggressively target point guards in the coming rounds. His FT% (78.4%) makes him an excellent fit for the regular punt points build.

R2) Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi is a lock for first-round value without points. The Finals MVP gives you a little bit of everything (1.0 3PG, 6.2 RPG, 1.7 SPG, 0.8 BPG) while shooting it well both from the floor (52.2 FG%) and the line (80.2 FT%). However, his percentages impact is limited by his low volume.

R2) Kyle Lowry – He’s scoring more since taking over as the lead guy for the Raptors (17.9 PPG) but still returns good value in this build due to this threes (2.4 3PG), assists (7.4 APG), and steals (1.5 SPG). Watch out for his FG% (42.3 FG%). Lowry is a solid target in both the regular punt points build and the double-punt, but it’s easier to offset that FG% when you can grab guys like Drummond and DeAndre.

R3) DeAndre Jordan – Must-grab in any type of FT% punt but especially here. DeAndre finished first-overall in the double-punt build last season. DeAndre gives you a huge bump in rebounds (13.6 RPG), blocks (2.5 BPG), and FG% (67.6 FG) and even contributes to your swipes (1.0 SPG).

R3) Mike Conley – Gets you the assists (6.0 APG) and steals (1.5 SPG and 2.2 SPG in 2012-2013) that you need. Conley also takes care of the ball very well (2.1 TOPG).

R3) Nicolas Batum – If you grab DeAndre in the second or are just punting points, Batum is a great pick in the third as his scoring is his only weakness. Batum is a great source of out-of-position assists (5.1 APG) and is an above-average rebounder for his position (7.5 RPG).

R3) Deron Williams – His numbers dropped almost across-the-board last season. Expect Deron to improve on the 6.0 APG and 1.5 3PG that he averaged in 2013-2014. I prefer Conley in the third due to Deron’s ankle issues.

R4) Marc Gasol – Feel free to reach for Marc a round early. As mentioned in my rankings, fourth-round value is his floor. In addition to his rebounds (7.2 RPG) and blocks (1.3 BPG), Marc is a very good source of out-of-position assists (3.6 APG).

R4) Joakim Noah – Assists (5.4 APG) should come down with the return of Rose, but he did provide first-round value in both the regular punt points build and double-punt build in 2013-2014 so he has room to drop. Noah gets you 1.2 SPG a night on top of his great big man stats (11.3 RPG, 1.5 BPG). As always, he’ll be an injury risk.

R4) Eric Bledsoe – Bledsoe scores a fair amount (17.7 PPG) but he gives you across-the-board production that includes 5.5 APG and 1.6 SPG. If you’re looking for a mid-round pick with upside in the categories you need, Bledsoe is a good target.

R5) Trevor Ariza – Excellent source of both threes (2.3 3PG) and steals (1.6 SPG) and is a very good rebounder for his position (6.2 RPG). Watch out for his FG%. He shot it well from the field last season (45.6 FG%) but both his 2P% and 3P% were up significantly from 2012-2013.

R5) Jrue Holiday – Doesn’t score much these days (14.3 PPG), but still drops quite a few dimes (7.9 APG) and is an above-average thief (1.6 SPG). Unfortunately, he doesn’t hit many threes (0.9 3PG) and continues to turn the ball over a ton (3.1 TOPG).

R5) Tim Duncan – In addition to his very useful rebounds (9.7 RPG) and blocks (1.9 BPG), Duncan is a sneaky source of assists (3.0 APG). Duncan is below-average from the line (73.1 FT%) but that number is manageable and makes him a good target in both the regular punt and the double-punt.

R5) Derrick Favors – Top-25 without points and FT% in 2013-2014 and he’s about to go off. In addition to his rebounds (8.7 RPG), blocks (1.5 BPG), and FG% impact (52.2 FG%), Favors also gives you above-average steals from the center spot (1.3 SPG over the last month of the season). Watch out for his poor FT% shooting (66.9 FT%) if you are targeting him in the regular punt points build. It’s not a deal breaker for the build, but it’s close.

R5) Ricky Rubio – A better fit for the double-punt as his atrocious FG% (38.1%) is more easily offset. He hurts your threes (0.5 3PG) but provides elite assists (8.6 APG) and steals (2.3 SPG).

R6) Nerlens Noel – I worry about Sixers babying him, but when he’s on the court, he’ll be excellent value in the double-punt strategy. Not only was he an incredible shot blocker at Kentucky (4.4 BPG), but he also averaged over two steals a game (2.1 SPG). If he can stay in one piece, you’re looking at a future fantasy star. They’ll be some up and downs this year, as there is with all rookies, but starting as soon as next season he’ll be an absolute fantasy beast. Think Larry Sanders with his head on straight plus great out-of-position steals.

R6) Josh Smith – Despite struggling in 2013-2014, Smoove still managed to post top-65 numbers in the double-punt. He’ll provide you with excellent defensive stats (1.4 SPG, 1.5 BPG) but that FG% is a tough hit to take (41.9 FG%). Smith has talked about taking less threes this year. Hopefully he means what he says.

R7) George Hill – With Stephenson gone, Hill’s assists (3.5 APG) should end up closer to their 2012-2013 level (4.7 APG). Expect his threes (1.3 3PG) to rise as well. Hill will also help your turnovers, as he is one of the best at taking care of the ball (1.2 TOPG).

R7) Jose Calderon – The triangle isn’t the best system for producing point guards stats but he should improve on the disappointing 4.7 APG that he averaged in Dallas. As always, he’ll be an excellent source of threes (2.4 3PG) and rarely turn over the ball (1.3 TOPG).

R7) Larry Sanders – Massive upside in the double-punt. Without points and FT%, Sanders finished fourth-overall in 2012-2013, ahead of Kevin Durant. Of course there’s downside here as we saw last season, but he’s a pick that can win you your league. If you grab Sanders for his blocks in the regular punt (2.8 BPG in 2012-2013), stay away from any other major FT% drags as Sanders’ is tough to offset (47.3 FT%).

R7) Kyle Korver – Elite source of threes (2.6 3PG) who gives you a little bit of everything including 2.9 APG. Korver finished with second-round value in the punt points build last season.

R8) Lance Stephenson – Stephenson doesn’t score much (13.8 PPG) and drops an above-average amount of dimes from the two (4.6 APG). He’s a better fit for the double-punt as he’s poor from the line (71.1 FT%).

R8) Andre Iguodala – Must-grab if he’s still around in the eighth and you’re going for the double-punt. Iggy gets you the steals you want (1.5 SPG) and continues to a be a very good source of out-of-position assists (4.2 APG). Thanks to playing off-the-ball more in Golden State, Iggy saw his FG% increase to a very respectable 48.0% in 2013-2014.

R9) Patrick Beverley – The assists could be better (2.7 APG) but Beverley was a top-55 asset in the punt points build in 2013-2014 thanks to his 1.6 3PG and 1.4 SPG. His very poor FG% (41.4 FG%) doesn’t hurt too much due the low volume that accompanies it (8.6 FGA).

R9) Tyson Chandler – Chandler gets a huge boost in the double-punt (top-30 value in 2013-2014 which was a down year for him) and is still useful in the regular punt (63.2 FT% last season but 69.6 FT% in 2012-2013). Chandler gives you outstanding FG% impact (59.3 FG%) on top of his rebounding (9.6 RPG) and blocks (1.1 BPG). He’ll be a decent size drag on you assists (1.1 APG) and steals (0.7 SPG) though.

R9) Mario Chalmers – Chalmers should see his already very useful numbers go up almost across-the-board with LeBron no longer in South Beach. In 2013-2014, Chalmers averaged 1.2 3PG, 4.9 APG, and 1.6 SPG. Those numbers are a very welcome sight on any punt points team.

R10) Jeremy Lin –Cheap points guards are always a great late-round target. With Nash likely limited all year, Lin should see the majority of the minutes at the point and has a chance to match the 1.1 3PG, 6.1 APG, and 1.6 SPG that he posted in his one year as a starter in Houston. Lin’s high turnovers (3.1 TOP36) limit his upside.

R11) Draymond Green – Another must-grab for both builds (6.2 PPG, 66.7 FT% but on only 1.5 FTA). Over the last two months of the season, in only 21.9 MPG, Green averaged 0.7 3PG, 5.0 RPG, 1.2 SPG, and 0.9 BPG. Those are some incredible numbers given the low minutes. He should see extended run this year and only his FG% (40.7%) will hold Green back from early-round value in this punt build.

R11) Jordan Hill – Should be a rebounding (12.8 RP36) and blocking (1.6 BP36) machine now that he’s starting for the Lakers. Watch out for his negative FT% impact (68.5 FT% on 2.5 FTA) as his attempts should rise with his minutes.

R11) Josh McRoberts – McRoberts should continue to be a good source of out-of-position assists (4.3 APG) and threes (1.3 3PG) now that he is in Miami. However, he doesn’t give any you any defensive stats (0.7 SPG, 0.6 BPG) and hurts you from the floor (43.6 FG%). Don’t worry about his FT% (72.9%) as he doesn’t get to line enough (1.1 FTA) to hurt you.  McRoberts finished within the top-55 in both the regular points punt and the double-punt in 2013-2014.

R11) Giannis Antetokounmpo – Even with the boost he receives by punting points and FT% he still has a long way to go. The defensive stats should be nice (1.1 SPG, 1.2 BPG), but his minutes will likely be volatile and he’ll still hurt you from the field (41.4 FG%).

R12) Danny Green – Green is a good glue guy for most builds but gets an extra bump here (top-55 in punt points in 2013-2014 and top-40 in 2012-2013). As always he’ll get you threes (1.9 3PG) and out-of-position blocks (0.9 BPG).

R12) JaVale McGee – Last season was a write-off but there’s way too much potential in the double-punt build to pass on him this late. In 2011-2012, McGee finished in the top-20 without points and FT%. He’ll hurt your steals (0.5 SP36) and assists (0.9 AP36), but should be, at worst, a very good source of blocks (3.2 BP36) and FG% impact (57.4 FG% in 2012-2013).

R12) Jodie Meeks – Another player you should target aggressively late due to his upside. Meeks posted top-45 numbers last season without points thanks to his 2.1 3PG and 1.4 SPG. Unfortunately, Meeks is a pretty big drag on your rebounds (2.5 RPG) and assists (1.8 APG).

R12) Amir Johnson – Amir will return outstanding value if taken this late. In the punt points build, he posted top-70 value last season and was even better in the double-punt build where he finished in the top 50. There’s upside here too. In 2012-2013, Amir finished in the top-25 in the double-punt. Expect Amir’s FT% to bounce back to more respectable levels. Amir shot 63.6% from the line last season, but had fluctuated between 69.0% and 78.8% in the three seasons prior.

R13) Mason Plumlee – The younger Plumlee was great on a per minute basis for a rookie and neither Brook or KG are a good bet to make it through the season. Despite only playing 18.2 MPG, Plumlee cracked the top-100 in the double-punt in 2013-2014. His per 36 numbers include 1.4 SPG and 1.6 BPG but his FG% impact is why you should draft him. Despite the low minutes as a rookie, Plumlee managed to have the 13th-largest positive impact on FG% in 2013-2014.

R13) Miles Plumlee – I prefer Mason, but Miles is still a solid last-round pick for those punting points and FT% as he should still see enough minutes to match the 7.8 RPG and 1.1 BPG that he averaged last season. He’s not worth consideration in the regular punt points build as he doesn’t produce enough elsewhere to offset his awful FT% (56.1%).

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  1. Anonymous

    Would punting PTS/ FT% still work well in 8 cat leagues with 10 teams?

  2. Zack

    Would punting PTS/FT% still work in 10 team 8 cat leagues? If so who are some other names to shoot for in the early rounds? I am really intrigued by Cousins.

    1. Adam Stock

      I prefer not to punt two cats in 8-cat but it’s def doable. Just have to be very careful. Cousins would be a great fit for punt FT% but a pretty decent amount of his value is tied up in his points so not an ideal pts/ft target. Drummond in the first would be a better target.

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